Believe it or not, passionate musicians that forge their way ahead by believing in themselves do exist.  They are rare, but luckily we have come across one of them. His name is Mario Novembre, 18 years old from Stuttgart, Germany. 


On October 27th, 2017 his first single, “Friends on the Internet“ was released, which his impressive fanbase from Germany, Europe, The United States and Asia has eagerly been anticipating. The musician has therefore impressively proven that with enough talent, quality and self-propelling willpower the path to a career in the music industry is achievable.


His first album „Stay“ was released in May 2018 following his musically way. A thrilling combination of pop, urban, club and R&B.  


“It was always important for me to work on my songs myself and be able to support my own vocals by playing instruments. This is why I learned how to play the piano and the guitar.” Ambitiously spending hours over hours practicing, he taught himself how to play both instruments.


In the moment the 18 year old is working on his new songs. The next single „young and free“ which is also part of the soundtrack of the movie „Misfit“ will be released in March 2019. In this movie Mario Novembre also played a cameo role. 


2019 will be the next big step in his career.